Values and Principles
guiding my practice of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine

Heal from Within
The focus of Chinese medicine is on restoring and maintaining health rather than opposing disease. This is based on the belief that the most powerful healing available is your body's own ability to restore itself. Tapping into your body's natural ability to regenerate itself is powerful, non-invasive and has no negative side effects!

Treating the Root
I honor the notion that your body is wise, and that when symptoms occur, it is an indication of an imbalance. I will take into account all of your diverse symptoms, the way your body functions, and your lifestyle to determine the underlying pattern of disharmony. By treating the root cause of illness, not only will symptoms resolve, you may also experience greater vitality, a peaceful sense of well-being, and an improved ability to stave off illness.

Holistic Approach
Stress and emotional hardship can create physical symptoms, just as disease can cause frustration and despair. Chinese medicine recognizes the dynamic and inseparable interaction of body, mind, and spirit, and treatment affects people on all these levels of functioning. I provide a compassionate healing presence, a space to accept what is, and the catalyst to shift towards greater authenticity. The best version of yourself is already there, we might just need to dust you off a little bit!

Individualized Care
Any symptom, be it as simple as a headache or as complex as diabetes, will be a unique experience for every person. Likewise, the path to restoring health is unique to every individual and each acupuncture treatment and herbal formula will be tailored specifically for you.

Traditional DiagnosisPatients come to my clinic with a wide variety of ailments from acute injuries to chronic illness. Some people say they know something just isn’t right, they feel “a bit off” or “stuck”. Others may be frustrated because, despite their profound suffering, they are unable to get a diagnosis, and without a diagnosis there is no treatment plan to help them.

The diagnostic process is different in Chinese medicine. It was developed long before blood tests or x-rays, so instead of seeing lab results, they observed the cyclic nature of the days, the seasons, a human life, the dynasties, and the stars. They came to an organic understanding of the art and science of sustaining life. From this understanding they developed a system of correspondences, the five elements, by which to categorize the energetic resonance of emotions, organ systems, sounds, the seasons, colors…you name it! By observing the matrix of your symptoms and how your body functions, our diagnostic process allows us to see where you are vulnerable and need to be supported, and where you might be stuck and need a shift. It is simple, powerful, and effective.

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