Acupuncture is based on the idea that subtle life force energy we call "qi" flows through our bodies in a system of interconnected channels, or meridians. Along the meridians are many acupuncture points which affect both the flow of qi and the various functions governed by the body systems associated with that meridian.  Treating the flow and function of the qi creates results that are both instantaneous and cumulative over time.  Many people report feeling very relaxed during and after treatment, and some people will feel immediate improvement in their condition. Increased improvements occur over time as treatment resolves the underlying patterns of disharmony.

Receiving acupuncture often heightens your awareness of your body and how different aspects of your lifestyle may be affecting your health.  Bringing this level of mindfulness to your health is the first step in improving your well-being. Initially I recommend 4-6 weeks of weekly treatment to establish momentum in shifting your imbalances. I will evaluate your body's response to acupuncture by feeling your pulses before and after treatment, observing your tongue, and listening to your feedback. As health conditions resolve we can determine what kind of a treatment schedule will be appropriate to maintain vibrant health, and prevent small imbalances from becoming bigger health issues.



Chinese Herbal Medicine

While the focus of acupuncture is form and function, I think of herbal medicine as nourishing and regulating the substantive aspects of our body, such as blood and body fluids, which are the more yin aspects of our bodies. Yin deficiency is a factor in many gynecological issues, from infertility to menopausal issues.

We can also struggle with a deficiency of the yang aspect of our bodies, which is responsible for catalyzing the transformation and transportation of body fluids. Yang deficiency may result in a pathological accumulation of fluids, such as bloating, phlegm, or fibroids, while other areas of the body might suffer from dryness. Herbs can correct fluid distribution, empower the yang and nourish the yin so that our body fluids are healthy and balanced. 

I have an in-house herbal pharmacy to provide you a custom herbal formula made for your unique needs. My herbs come from trusted suppliers who test for safety and purity and comply with Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).

Cupping & Moxa

In addition to herbs and acupuncture, I may use other adjunctive therapies in the scope of Chinese medicine such as moxabustion, cupping, and gua sha.  Cupping uses gentle suction to lift and release tight tissues and stagnant blood, allowing for increased circulation of fresh blood and qi.  To perform gua sha I use a flat jade or bamboo tool to stimulate meridians and circulate the qi and blood.  Moxabustion is the use of the herb mugwort on acupoints to warm and nourish the qi, and to promote proper fluid physiology.

Health Coaching

What makes my practice of Chinese medicine meaningful is taking the time to listen to you, to bare witness, not only to your suffering, but to the vision of you that is whole, joyful and at peace. By honoring and acknowledging your true nature we encourage you to blossom and manifest your fullest potential, and to radiate those gifts to your community and beyond. 

Empowerment yields lasting results. I may encourage you to experiment with changes to your diet, sleep habits, or in reframing how you think and speak about your life.  There is no one routine that is perfect for everyone, but together we can figure out what best serves you in creating a sustainable lifestyle that promotes healing and thriving.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. -Anais Nin

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These beautiful lotus photographs were taken at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens by local photographer (and my wonderful sister) Linda Parker. To learn more about the symbolism of the lotus see my blog post.

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